King Mas sets high bar, making tremendous moves for 2017

We’re only four months into the year and King Mas has certainly created a blazing trail in the reggae diaspora for 2017. Making his mark on a variety of platforms, the Musical Obeah Man is truly stirring up souls with his striking voice and reverberant messages. From the shores of San Francisco to the West African coast, King Mas is shattering the glass ceiling of spiritual stigmas and preconceived stereotypes through his music.

2017 kicked off with an effervescent bang heard across the world as King Mas teamed up with Longbelly Entertainment for the Ancestral Voices project. This riveting documentary has sent shockwaves through the African diaspora, unveiling the hidden truths of unfiltered African spirituality. “Our Story”, released on the House of Souls EP, is featured on the second instalment of the documentary entitled, “Spirit is Eternal”. Keep a close eye on this long awaited launch for summer of 2017.

In more recent news, Mas the Ras has lent his finely tuned vocals to yet another Royal Order Music production uniquely named the What to Do Riddim. Released in the early weeks of March, “Suga An Wata” skipped into the spring season with an easy-going vibe befitting for all lovers rock admirers. Sharing the riddim stage with quite a few big names, King Mas still stands out amongst the rest with his matchless vocal tone and impeccable songwriting.

The hit-making releases don’t stop there! The Ganja Bizness Riddim, slated for release on April 14th, is stirring up quite a frenzy ahead of its launch date. Using timeless one-drop percussion, this Selecta 7 Sound production is a timely piece of musical mastery. King Mas’ feature track, “Big Ganja Business”, offers a back door perspective into the true intentions of recent marijuana legislation. A deviant approach to his colleagues, King Mas conveys a politically motivated message through fact-based lyrics and comedic word play.

As the year progresses, it seems that King Mas shows no signs of easing up on his exemplary work. International show dates and brand new tracks are definitely in the works, so keep your eyes peeled and minds open to whatever may come down the pike from the Musical Obeah Man.

King Mas is a musical amalgamation of culture and art. A trailblazer of the conscious reggae fusion movement, his voice reverberates timely and thought-provoking messages. With firmly grounded Caribbean roots, King Mas has inherited an ancestral music tradition that spans generations. For more information about King Mas, click here.

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