KYD Records Profile

Kak yard records [KYD Records] is an independent Record label operating in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa. Named after Kyd native yard 12, the Gugulethu neighbourhood where, Alcapone JJ, the record label owner was born. Back in 2005, Alcapone JJ was signed to Germany’s Lions Ark records, it was during this period that he got inspired to form his own record label. It did not take long for the inspiration to manifest into reality, when in 2006 KYD was established. In 2009 he relocated to Khayelitsha, arguably Cape Town’s Rastafari and Reggae head quarters where the Marcus Garvey Community is based and Kalitari hosts dancehall sessions almost every week.

The label boasts Jamaican artists Excel Black, Brando, Peppahot, Juggernaut and Merciless, South Africa is represented by long time allies from the cronix clan, Crosby, Zoro, Daddy Spencer and Jesse Don. The rooster is expanding with the addition of Red Lion, Sling, Soul Vybs and upcoming artist Overcomer. KYD records had just released a single Guide us Jah by Overcomer with an EP due for release in August. These are mainly Cape Town based artists.

In its brief life span, KYD has released several hard hitting dancehall riddims voiced by the various artists from the stable including the Alcapone JJ himself. Dope Revenge Riddim, (Al Capone Jj, Excel Black, Sling,) Headache Riddim (Peppahot, Juggernaut, Diamond White) Person of Interest (EP) by Al Capone Jj. Zorro single on the (Mandela Face Riddim) and Overcomer Ghetto Youth (EP).


On being an artiste himself and recording other artists, JJ maintains that its a balance that he has to keep “and put the same level of strength for the artists as he does for himself, ” basing his time and effort on each project as it comes, because at the end, its all about the record label and pushing dancehall music as a whole.

He is busy right now in the studio putting final touches on the upcoming riddims; Mandela Face Riddim, (Zorro, Crosby,Daddy Spencer and Al Capone Jj) NY 12 Sniper (Peppahot, Red Lion, Diamond White, Soul Vybz and Al Capone Jj) and Troy vs. Sparta Riddim. (Jah Link, Red Lion and Al Capone Jj). All these 3 riddims are coming out in august 2015.


All music and riddims available at Itunes and Amazon, distributed by 21 Hapilos.

Email: kakyardrecords@gmail.com or jjsugerplam@gmail.com.

Tel:+27 82 590 5175