Oge Kimono takes us back to the Good Ole Days with her Debut Album

Oge Kimono - Good Ole Days The Album

Taking it back to the Good Ole Days with Oge Kimono

On Monday June 10, 2019 at exactly 12:30pm at the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) premises in Ikeja Lagos, there was a deafening silence as everyone in attendance stood still, observing a moment of silence for Ras Kimono, the late Nigerian Reggae legend. It was on this day in 2018 that he passed on. Then followed  “A Ras Kimono Memorial Lecture” titled ‘Revolutionary Music for Equality & Justice’ delivered by Prof Duro Oni. Oge Kimono, the first daughter of Ras Kimono was instrumental in mobilizing for June 10 to be celebrated as Ras Kimono Memorial Day.

It was on this day, at the second phase of festivities, that Oge Kimono launched her debut album “Good Ole Days” at the Ras Kimono Memorial Jam; where she performed with other Nigerian artists backed by the Massive Dread Band.

The 10 track album opens up with the lead single Good Ole Days, a laid-back rub-a-dub feel good track reminiscing about the days when everything used to be nice and sweet. She laments: It’s time to use our voice / Nigeria is Calling / its time to save our father’s land / with love strength and faith / as the labours of our heroes must never be in vain.” A song she wrote “to correct a wrong statement issued by a highly placed person in government who had said the Nigerian youths were lazy.” The video for the track has captivating visuals of her home town, reflecting on the other side of the story.


Shortly after releasing the lead single she followed with 24 Hours, a hard hitting social commentary track on the state of the current affairs produced by Blase Beats, with a jazzy doo-woop feel to it. She asks what you gonna do if you were a President for 24hours? She then pays some type of homage to her once host country Germany, where she spent 7 years before returning home to Nigeria. The title is in German and – So iste Liebe, loosely translated as That is Love, but in essence the song talks about Love for the significant other. Mama Love is a song dedicated to her country Nigeria, and as you listen closely you realize that its also a dedication to all Mamas.

The album tracks are skillfully arranged, it’s a Reggae album with a balanced dose of Lovers Rock, Roots Reggae and Dancehall. The message of Love is embedded in each song. Oge kimono wrote all the songs with the exception of tracks 4,5 and 6 written by Oni Kayode Philips and backed by the Massive Dread Band, the same band that was with Ras Kimono, ensuring the that the good ole authentic Reggae vibes are maintained. She closes it with a Dancehall track Pull Up, where she features rapper Sound Sultan, which sub-consciously tells you to Pull Up the whole album, from the top!

The album is available across all digital platforms and you can stream and buy it here

Oge Kimono - Good Ole Days The Album

Good Ole Days – The Album
Written and Performed by Oge Kimono
Except Tracks 4,5 and 6
Produced by: Amoni Opokuma ; Blase Beats
Featured Artists: Jesse Jagz; Sound Sultan
Mixed and Mastered by Kumboye Sinclair
Release: 10 June 2019

Track List

1. Good Ole Days
2. 24 Hours
3. So Iste Liebe
4. Mama Love
5. Love is Light
6. When Love Shows Up
7. Better
8. Rise Above Pain Ft. Jasse Jagz
9. Young Gyal
10. Pull Up Ft. Sound Sultan



Oge Kimono – Good Ole Days | Video