Top Ten Dancehall Singles 2014

It has been a fruitful year for Dancehall in Mzansi and we have seen a lot of artists stepping up their game and putting in some serious work. This is a list of tracks that reached us this year and it was a daunting task to select only ten. Mzansi Dancehall is slowly taking shape and form and has different aspects to it, as evidenced by this list.

Top Ten Dancehall Singles 2014

1. NC Dread – Dem Cah Stop mi

2. Scorpion Di Stinga – Next Generation

3. Black Dillinger – Bad Apple

4. Silectah Joseph – Love it

5. SFS 5Star – Umshini Wam [Gun Play]

6. Asian Black – Straight from my Heart

7. Korianda Izajah – Duppy Luxury

8. Skeleton Da Scientist – We Doing it

9. Teban Cee – Nyangwe Usipo

10. Faya Uman – Amasoja