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Xzitto – BCYNA (Black Child You Not Alone) | Video

BCYNA – Black Child You Not Alone

Poet, Rapper and Fighter; goes by the name Xzitto Malinga; dropped this prolific video with captivating visuals and the tightest in your face most direct lyrical delivery, unhurried and precise. On June 16. A supposedly commemorative day, where the best that we can do as a country is dress up in school uniforms to go partying; not for Xzitto though. A true fighter does not easily get distracted. The Fees Must Fall campaign reached its momentum but not its objectives, hence the fallist movement still thrives, while some are languishing in prisons. We have collectively forgotten what we are commemorating, forgotten about our comrades in jail, some are out but stained with criminal charges, forgotten the mission. We are lulled by silly distractions and main stream media that controls the narrative. Music is a weapon and Xzitto is using it accordingly.

Xzitto maintains that ‘these fees are gonna fall, Black Child You’re not Alone’. The fallists activists who had their lives disrupted are not alone in this, its our collective responsibility to seek and fight for what is ours and Education must be free and accessible to all. The song and video serves as a crucial reminder that Black Child you’re not alone cos it takes a village to raise a child, so you can never be alone. With persistence and the fighting spirit, these fees are gonna fall. Just like the Afrikaans language fell on June 16, 1976.

In the refrain, he decisively samples Lucky Dube’s (Slave), a prophecy about how they won’t be building schools anymore, all they build will be prisons prisons. We are reminded of Fallists who are sitting in jail, who are still on trial and can’t even afford legal fees let alone study fees.

He is undoubtedly a Fighter. A lyricist. A Poet. A Rapper.
We need more from him. More of him. More Like him.

Hear Dis

“Kuyoze kube nini ezwen’lethu si nga ma bhantiti”
how much longer can we be prisoners in our own land

“We tired of being nice, we calling on authourities to really read between the lines”

‘After twenty years of freedom bathi si thule si bekezele ses’khathele’

“.But we free to walk the streets kodwa inqondo ibhadl’ejele”

“They won’t build any schools anymore, all they build will be prisons prisons”

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Twitter: @Xzitto
Facebook: Xzitto Malinga

Watch Special Assignment Episode demonstrating the plight faced by Activists and their Families aired on SABC 3 on Sunday 17 June 2018

SA Natives Forum invites members of the Public to make donations to assist jailed Fees Must Fall Activist to lodge an appeal against his sentence. Click here to contribute.




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